Bright Size

Glow-To Minis


What is it?

A potent combo of (little!) luminosity-boosters.

Designed to eliminate dullness and dehydration, Bright Size comes with tiny, adorable versions of two Go-To bestsellers:

  • Face Hero, a nourishing, restorative face oil (10mL)
  • Much Brighter Skin, a mega-brightening Vitamin C serum (5mL)

It’s suitable for all skin types, makes a magnificent gift, and is ideal for anyone who wants bright, bouncy skin on-the-go.

On the hunt for major radiance with minimal effort? You’ve come to the bright place.


A little glows a long way.

How Do I Use This Set?

  1. Apply one pump of Much Brighter Skin onto freshly cleansed skin.
  2. Massage 3-5 drops of Face Hero all over your face, neck, and dec. (And always follow with your SPF Of Choice in the AM.)

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