The Skincare Starter Guide

The Skincare Starter Guide

A guide made especially for all kinds of skincare rookies. Maybe you were lucky enough to be gifted some skincare treats by a clever friend last Christmas. Or maybe you’ve self-gifted and have some exciting products you’re itching to use but aren’t sure where to start.

Whatever it is that brought you here: Welcome! Here’s a few (easy, I promise) rules to help you seamlessly incorporate your new skin mates into your life.

1. Always Patch Test First

Sure, it’s tempting to use your shiny new skincare the second you use it, but for the love of soothed skin, don’t. Take an extra day or two to patch test any new product before you properly welcome it into your routine. It’s 100% worth the slight delay to ensure the products you use are right for you before they join your trusted skin team.

The alternative is that you risk irritating your skin with a new product and having to deal with a reaction all over your face instead of a tiny, easily concealed spot. (Psssst. Need a full guide to patch testing? Head here.)

2. One Product At A Time, Please

Not only will this ensure your skin doesn’t freak out because you’ve shocked it with five new products, but adding in your products one at a time will also be super helpful for keeping track of how your products are working for you.

If you lather five new products onto your face and notice your skin is looking great, how will you know what’s actually giving you the glow? You won’t! You can’t! So, introduce things one at a time to monitor the results. Then, when it comes time to repurchase, you’ll know what your skin loved, what it liked, and what is worth adjusting next time ‘round.

3. Make Sure There Are No Clashes

Some skincare ingredients don’t play well with others so take a quick squiz at the ingredient lists before you lock-in your new face line-up to ensure you’re not accidentally using a combo that will impact product efficacy.

Retinoids, for example, aren’t great mates with vitamin c. This doesn’t mean your routine can’t use both! It just means you need to plan out your regime to ensure they aren’t impacting one another by keeping your vitamin c products to the AM and saving your retinoids for the PM.

You might also find your chemical exfoliants (AHAs, BHAs, PHAs) double up in a few different products’ ingredient lists. So, if it’s a night where you’re using a dedicated exfoliant, it might be worth skipping any cleansers, serums, face creams that also boast exfoliants to avoid overdoing it.

4. Have Fun

Skincare doesn’t have to be serious or complicated. It’s a lovely, relaxing, daily ritual you should enjoy and look forward to. Go slow, listen to your skin, and have fun!

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(Oh. And if you have any other questions, just toss them below. That’s what we’re here for.)