3 Very Amazing Routines For Every Kind Of Retinal User

3 Very Amazing Routines For Every Kind Of Retinal User

Incorporating a vitamin A serum into your routine, whether you’ve used one before or not, requires some clever maneuvering to ensure skin is happy and not totally pissed off.

To help you on your journey, we whipped up these easy to follow routines for every level vitamin A user out there. But please, for the love of good skin, always patch test first, go sloooow when testing a new formula, and wear SPF in the AM

You know you’re a rookie if:
You’ve never used vitamin A before and aren’t familiar with the rules of usage.

Your routine:
Cleanse, moisturise, vitamin A, moisturise. That’s it. (Yes, really.)

Why? ‘Cos sandwiching your retinal between two occlusive layers of moisturiser acts as a cool buffer between vitamin A and your skin, lessening discomfort.

Apply once or twice a week, before gradually building up tolerance for more frequent use. Eventually, you will be able to apply to dry, freshly cleansed skin and follow the Skintermediate routine. 

You know you’re a skintermediate if:
You’ve dabbled in vitamin A before (different formulations, strengths, etc.) but never consistently or, you’ve followed the rookie routine for a couple of weeks and you’ve had no reactions (redness, irritation, peeling). 

Your routine:
Cleanse, vitamin A, moisturise.

A simplified routine is always best when it comes to vitamin A, especially as your skin adjusts to new formulations or strengths. Eventually, and only if your skin can tolerate it, you move up to the expert routine. Don’t forget: vitamin A should be applied to dry skin only.

You know you’re an expert if:
You’ve used vitamin A in all its forms, strengths, and iterations consistently and you know your skin tolerates the ingredient. Plus! You’re well-versed in techniques like skin cycling and your skin is able to handle multiple treatment products on the same night. 

Your routine: 
Cleanse, vitamin A, hydrating serum, moisturise. 

We recommend reaching for a hydrating serum (hyaluronic acid is AOK) as your secondary treatment product because a) skin always needs an extra drink and b) hyaluronic acid doesn’t interfere with the work of retinal. 

Important! Very Amazing Retinal is not suitable for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding
(Foot massages however, are suitable. And encouraged.)