What's The Damn Difference Between Very Amazing Retinal, And De-Crease?

What's The Damn Difference Between Very Amazing Retinal, And De-Crease?

Our retinal family is multiplying. Rapidly. ‘Cos we wanna be able to offer you more

More sophisticated formulas, more efficacious products, more results. 

You’ve met De-Crease, but it’s time to pass the Spirit Stick to Very Amazing Retinal. A friggen ‘magic’ (our legal team start squirming when I use this word, so shhh) vitamin A serum for the whole face

A product to smooth and nourish the skin on your forehead, cheeks, marionette lines, and neck. 

De-Crease. Very Amazing Retinal. 

Tom-ay-to. Tom-ah-to. Eh? Not quite. 

There’s a fair bit of difference between the two, actually. 

Let me break it down. But first, the launch of Very Amazing Retinal does not mean you need to cut ties with De-Crease. For any retinal newbies (a lot of you), De-Crease is a really good place to start, to test the land of strong actives, and see how your skin reacts. Before using retinal on your entire face. 

What’s the difference between Very Amazing Retinal and De-Crease?


Very Amazing Retinal is a higher strength retinal than De-Crease (as this eye serum was formulated to treat a highly sensitive area of skin). The percentage of encapsulated retinal is 0.25%. Which is 2.5x stronger than De-Crease, given it has to work on larger, thicker areas of your skin. 

Remember: strength isn’t everything. The formula as a whole and the type of retinoids used (derivatives/esters/blends are not as ‘pure’ as retinal, for example) will impact the performance of a product.


The peptides (an ingredient with fierce anti-ageing benefits) in each have been clinically proven to treat specific areas of the face. Tetrapeptide-1 in De-Crease is tested to improve fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area only, and Hexapeptide-8 in Very Amazing Retinal is tested to improve the skin tone, texture, and pigmentation of the rest of your face. 

In Very Amazing Retinal you’ll also find asiaticoside, madecassic acid, and asiatic acid (the highly soothing components of centella) to provide even more of a buffer for the skin. Given the higher strength of vitamin A. 

Otherwise, the hydrating, brightening, calming skingredients that support these heavy-hitters in both formulas, remain the same. We’re talking glycerin, niacinamide, vitamin C, mushroom extract. 

Can I use Very Amazing Retinal and De-Crease together?

No, please don’t. Layering two retinal serums will likely cause irritation. The skin can’t handle this many high-strength actives in the same routine. 

If you feel like you need or want both - that is, your eye area is more sensitive than the rest of your face, or perhaps your eye area is ageing faster than the rest of your face, so a serum proven to treat this area is the better option - not to worry. Just ensure you are cycling between Very Amazing Retinal and De-Crease every other night. Never together. 

Can I use Very Amazing Retinal under and around my eyes? 

If, and only if, your eye area can tolerate the strength and formula of Very Amazing Retinal.

The skin around your eyes is many layers thinner, and more delicate than the rest of the face. It’s not as compatible with really active serums or really rich creams. So if you use these kinds of products over and over it can cause some discomfort to the skin. This will probably manifest in the form of redness and irritation - which can lead to contact dermatitis. We don’t want that. No sir-y. 

Can I use De-Crease all over my face?

The short answer is technically yes. The long answer is, why would you want to? As mentioned above, De-Crease is formulated to target and treat the delicate eye area

The rest of your face is going to benefit from something formulated to target and treat, well, the rest of your face (down to your boobs). (To you it was time to meet Very Amazing Retinal.) 

Eye serums are typically a touch pricier too, and come in smaller pots or jars, so slathering this all over your face would be a bit wasteful. And much more expensive than just opting for a face product. 

See? Same. Same. But Different. 

Both Very Amazing Retinal and De-Crease have a valuable place in any serious-skincare-users routine.

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