The Best Brunch In Sydney

The Best Brunch In Sydney
Go-To HQ is craving a really relaxed and indulgent summer break. So we’re just gonna assume you are too. And once you close the laptop you might need some inspo on where to go and what to do. Consider this your guide to having a crackin’ time on home turf, specifically Sydney (the city we know best). Because not everyone is drinking hot cocoa by the fire in Banff. 

We only claim to be experts in one field: snacks. (And skincare.) (But mostly snacks.) So you best believe the team had a bit to say about finding the best brunch in Sydney. Consider this your to-try list for the summer holidays.  

“If you love a good shakshuka for brunch, you've got to try Shuk. I've only had the pleasure of going to their Elizabeth Bay location, but I have no doubt Bondi and Chatswood are just as elite. I recommend adding chorizo to your shakshuka to really treat yourself. They also make an unreal iced coffee. You can't go wrong here!” Ailish, Marketing Coordinator

“Part Italian deli/part cafe, Paddington Alimentari is my favourite spot for breakfast. They have all sorts of italian pastries and make the panini’s fresh - the Caprese one is my current obsession. If you're visiting the Paddo markets on a Saturday, stroll down William street and grab a seat outside, perfect for people watching and you can (almost!) pretend you're in Europe.” Andrea, Digital And Ecommerce Manager

Outfield stands out as a MUST brunch destination! Situated in the Inner West's Yeo Park in Ashfield. The cafe has amazing staff, catering to dogs, and is a child-friendly atmosphere. A personal favourite of mine is the halloumi egg roll with crunchy herb slaw and pumpkin jam - an exquisite treat that has become a weekly indulgence. And yes, the coffee slaps.” Anna, Purchasing Officer

“Okay. I hope you're hungry. We're starting at Rollers Bakehouse in Manly. It's early, so first things first: coffee. But no ordinary coffee. God no. We're ordering the cinnamon scroll cold brew (thank me later). Then we'll officially kick off the eating adventure with something savoury (ham n' cheese) and something sweet (monkey bread). Now, I hope you listened when I warned you to leave enough room for breakfast #2, 'cos now we're heading down the lane to Norma's big fat Greek deli where you'll order one of everything.

Still hungry? Phew! Because we're only halfway through our culinary tour, friend. 

According to my watch (iPhone) it's about lunchtime by now, fun! Let's stroll to Venice for The Best Toastie Of Your Life and a refreshment that's 11/10 (flip a coin to choose between the maple iced coffee and the matcha slushie). Last stop: Lunch #2 at Wilburs. The sandwiches here look and taste so good that you'll become the IRL version of the drool emoji.

By this point we've probablyyy undone our top button. But we have no regrets. We'll get Messina on the way home (coneception) (obviously).” Bella, Digital Content Manager 

[Forget best brunch spots. Bella has just mapped out an eating tour of Manly. See you there!]

“BEST brunch? That's like choosing a favourite child in a place like Sydney, so I'll have to give you my overall favourite cafe based on vibes, instead,. Right on Oxford Street in Paddington, you'll find Ampersand, the cafe and bookshop combo of your dreams. It's giving Paris, it's giving cosy, it's giving well-read. If you ever felt a bit jealous when Belle said she likes reading and The Beast built her a library, then this is the place for you. The coffee is delicious.” Chiara, Brand Education Lead

“Not exactly a brunch spot but Carriageworks Markets on a Saturday! Plenty of coffee, pastries and dogs! Get there before the crowds (8am) and grab a coffee from the Single O cart, a pastry or focaccia from the AP Bakery stall and treat yourself to a bunch of flowers from the florists. Lovely!” Cynthia, Performance Marketing Lead

“I’m ashamed to reveal how many times I’ve eaten at this cafe on a Saturday morning so I won’t tell you, but if you like hearty avocado toast, moreish treats, and arguably the best açai bowls, try Ham in Cronulla. Their menu is Greek-inspired and offers all the fan favourites. If you’re more of a sandwich-y brunch person, try Loaf. Also in Cronulla. Also delicious.” Georgia, Junior Brand Manager 

Pina. Everyday of the week. Except a Sunday where you'll be waiting hours for a table. The chips! The eggs! The specials! The dog watching! Hidden in one of Potts Point's best laneways, this (licensed!) cafe is my (ahem) go-to. Come for the curry omelette, stay for the strawberry milk.” Jess, Group Marketing Manager

“(I won't say Bills because I bet someone else will take this opp to rave about their ricotta pancakes.) It's gotta be AP Bakery. Taking over Paramount House rooftop in Surry Hills - with another hole-in-the-wall outpost in Newtown too - they dish up the best baked goods. Macadamia, honey and thyme twice-baked croissants, mango and coconut danishes, Madasgcan chocolate chip cookies, Warrigal greens and ricotta pie. And the coffee is pretty darn great too!” Maddie, Brand Content Executive

“A little hard to find but Stanley St Cafe in St Ives. They do a brilliant smoked salmon bagel - almost Gravalax like - and the bacon and egg wrap is large enough to feed three kids. It tastes even better and more rewarding after wrapping the Wildflower Garden Park Run on a Saturday Morning (steepest in NSW if you like the challenge).” Nathan, Head Of Product 

“Almost every Friday and Saturday morning my girlfriends and I will head to (our ride or die) Baker Bleu, Double Bay - whatever the craving they've got you covered. Because one rec isn’t enough, Pina in Potts Point is my go-to for a fancy brekky and the best matcha in Sydney.” Tahneika, Influencer And PR Coordinator