Zoë Foster Blake: How My Skin Care Routine Changes and What I Use

Zoë Foster Blake: How My Skin Care Routine Changes and What I Use

‘Your skin type’ is not static. How your skin behaves, looks and feels changes with hormones, climate, stress, pregnancy, diet… And this is okay! It’s life and we can adjust. Just like if a virus was to suddenly take over the entire world. We’d adjust. (Imagine that.)

You can be coasting through with smooth, clear skin and then THWAP! You’re 37 and you have full-blown adult acne. It’s outrageous! … And very normal. So we adjust. I had even-toned skin until a round of Fraxel at 30, which I believe changed my skin - for the worse - forever. (One procedure really can mess shit up, let that be known. Do your research.) But look, it was probably coming anyway: both my pregnancies gifted me a fair whack of hyperpigmentation.

And so, while I loosely characterise my skin as ‘dry’ there’s an equal focus on brightening now too, as I strive to maintain the dark spots on my forehead, cheeks and upper lip. Just as you choose your shampoo and conditioner to cater to the things you wish to treat in your hair at that time (say, fine hair and blonde that goes brassy), you choose your skin care to cater to the things you want to treat at that time.

All that said, there are also:

The evergreens.

There are basics that I - and you too maybe - have used forever. Because everyone, at every age, benefits from SPF, good cleansing, antioxidants, hydration and exfoliation. These are the building blocks of a solid, meaningful and effective skin care routine.

I have no time for useless products or time wasters, and that has always informed the products we release at Go-To. They’re essentials, they do what we say they will, and they play well with others. Because even if you love high-strengths and injectables and procedures, you still need core products to cleanse, protect and nourish your skin, and maintain a healthy barrier.

SPF - I use SPF every day (after all my other skin care, before makeup) because UV rays are the skin’s archnemesis and it’s the single best thing you can do to look after your skin.

Gentle cleanser - Effective, softening and never stripping. I cleanse each morning with Properly Clean, and double cleanse with Fancy Face and then Properly Clean in the PM.

Vitamin C - A potent and proven antioxidant with excellent brightening properties. Works beautifully with SPF to neutralise free radicals from sun damage.

Chemical exfoliation - I exfoliate with AHAs, (our Exfoliating Swipeys) 2-3x a week to remove dead skin cells, hydrate, and make my skin radiant.

Face oil - I use Face Hero morning and night, massaged right down to my chest. It’s replenishing, brimming with antioxidants (you can never have enough) and adds bounce and glow.

Face cream - One of the holy trinity alongside SPF and cleanser. I use Very Useful Face Cream every night, cos it is an excellent occlusive for a 41 year-old with dry skin.

Masking - I use a clay mask (The Removalist) once a week for a really thorough clear-out, and a hydrating sheet mask (Transformazing) whenever I need instant glow and/or a stunning canvas for makeup.

*In lockdown when I am bored and fidgety, or feeling weathered and lack lustre, I do a mask. Instant mood-booster.

Other things I’ve added in.

These are also great, but are either A) not essential, (I simply like them and they feel great to use), B) come and go as needed, or C) have been introduced to ramp up my results.

Hydrating serum - I would actually deem this an evergreen, and use hyaluronic acid every night, but it’s still probably a really effective add-in, not an essential.

High-strength AHA - When my skin is in need of a professional treatment but I can’t get one, I often turn to a high-dose glycolic toner for a strong ‘chemical peel’ effect.

Face mist - Not essential, but really does help a lot with product absorption and penetration. I mist before serums, masks, and during makeup application.

Nourishing/replenishing mask - For use after my clay mask, to replenish, ‘feed’ my skin, and keep my skin barrier healthy and happy.

Face lifts - But ONLY once every 100 years or so.