Zoë Foster Blake: Why I Made A Clay Mask

Zoë Foster Blake: Why I Made A Clay Mask

Meet The Removalist, our brand new clay mask!

I am so excited to welcome her to the family, and hopefully, yours. As usual, self-serving me created the clay mask I want to use, which has the trademark Go-To magic of being simple and a delight to use... but genuinely improves the skin. The Removalist is very serious about taking away all the build up and junk from my pores, but doesn't punish me with tight, dry skin afterwards. Let me tell you all about her...

She’s a 10-minute weekly mask that quickly draws out impurities and excess oil from your skin, unclogs pores, treats excess shine, reduces the frequency of breakouts, calms the skin, and gives a bright, glowing complexion. It’s fantastic for acne-prone and congested skin, oily skin, and loaded-with-SPF-or-makeup-skin, but all skin can benefit from clay. (Even dry skin like mine!)

Using a combination of spells and magic (“good formulating”) this mask is deeply purifying and clarifying, but also calming and hydrating.

How can this be, you gasp!

Clay masks leave the skin feeling tight and thirsty, you cry!

Friend, no! Tight, uncomfortable skin is deeply unpleasant, and as we can confirm, unessential in the pursuit of breathtakingly clean pores. Our mask is proof.

We recommend you use The Removalist once a week for healthy, clean pores and a solid clean out, twice a week to manage acne-prone or oily skin, or as needed for T-Zone management, or as a spot treatment. And never leave it on longer than 10-15 minutes! Longer is absolutely not better!

The MVP of our mask is kaolin clay, which draws excess oil, sebum, bacteria and impurities from the surface of the skin to help clean and clear the pores. Like all Go-To products, it’s mild and effective, making it suitable for sensitive skin. We used zinc oxide for it’s calming and anti-bacterial properties, and to gently dry out blemishes. Bamboo powder absorbs excess oil, and helps mattify oily, shiny skin. Pentylene glycol is plant-derived humectant, which moisturises the skin and keeps it soft and happy. And our trio of Australian natives, muntries extract, riberry and Tasmanian pepper fruit are powerful antioxidants and deliver essential minerals and skin support, as well as reducing redness, calming and hydrating your face.

There is also a delicious berry fragrance, which is a nod to our native berries, but also a throwback to the masks (and lip balms, in honesty) I used as a teenager in the ‘90s. Fun!

I wanna add here that masking is not a luxury, nor is it a trend, though it is certainly trendy right now. It’s a simple, effective addition to even the most rudimentary skin care routine.

I make products I personally want to use, which I believe to be universally useful, and enduringly so. I want you to be able to use Go-To products today, and in 10 years time. It must work hard for space in your routine and on your shelf, and earn its place in your heart. I don’t want to contribute to wasteful buying, or complicated, confusing skin care. The whole genesis of Go-To is to be simple, easy to understand and a cinch to use. To give you meaningful, effective tools to look after your skin, and make you feel confident doing that. This clay mask certainly fills that brief.

May I suggest incorporating it into a Dedicated Self Care ritual once a week? Start with a double cleanse, and follow on with either a hydrating cream mask, or some Face Hero, then everyone’s favourite occlusive full stop, Very Useful Face Cream. Your skin will thank you.

Enjoy! (Less a suggestion, more a command.)

Zo x