Zoë Foster Blake's Morning Beauty Routine

Zoë Foster Blake's Morning Beauty Routine

Get Up And Go invites clever, fun, delightful members of our Go-To community to take us with them on their morning routine, sharing their go-to tips, products, and favourite pancake toppings as they go. Today, we’re getting up with Go-To's founder, overlord, and playlist enthusiast, Zoë Foster Blake.

The Life Stuff

Hi, I’m Zoë, and I’m the founder of Go-To! After a decade as a beauty editor and blogger, and writing a beauty tips and tricks book called Amazinger Face, I saw a gap for a skincare range that would take the confusion and intimidation out of skincare. I want skincare that is reliable, that really works, and feels great to use. And I thought others did too.

My morning routine hasn’t changed much at all [in lockdown]. (There is no lunchbox/getting the kids to school on time rush, which is nice.) Between 6.30-7 my kids will wake up and start yelling/playing/fighting/laughing. I have some warm lemon water, then brush my teeth and scrape my tongue. (The order of that counts, lemon after toothpaste is disgsuto.) Next I make the kids porridge (it’s a year-round breakfast for them. I offer many alternatives, but they insist) and put on one of my playlists, usually Mornings With Kids, or A Pleasant Morning. I have a banana-espresso-ice-almond milk thingy so I am not hangry, and usually head off for a walk, back and ready for a 9am start to the day.

I believe in setting the right energy in the house, with good food and the right music. Even if someone’s grumpy, or rushing, these things help. And I always take the time to do my skin/face and hair. Even if I am in total slops and writing at my desk all day, the ritual and the self-care is important to me.

The morning rituals I can’t live without are:

  • Tongue scraping
  • Music that suits the moment
  • Ensuring my children have a filling breakfast cos who knows what they’ll eat for the rest of the day
  • Coffee
  • My morning face routine (skin and makeup)

The Skin Stuff

“I have dry skin, and lean on nourishing creams, oils and hydrating serums. I have hyperpigmentation and I treat and maintain that with brightening products. For fine lines and dull skin caused by getting older, sitting inside for 1000 daily Zooms/Not The Best Lifestyle Right Now, I use AHAs and masks.

[Every morning] I put on my headband, and wash with Properly Clean, which gently cleanses but never leaves my skin dry or tight. I towel off, then use face mist to help my Much Brighter Skin serum absorb better. This is perfect for antioxidant protection, dark spot brightening, and visibly more luminous skin. It feels and smells incredible and means I no longer feel like I have to wear tinted base or foundation. NO BIG DEAL. (!!) While that sinks in, I apply my lash serum (Ey Envy), then I press our face oil Face Hero into my chest, neck and face for glow and nourishment. If I am puffy, this is where I use my ice roller, which I keep in the freezer. I just wince and hold it on my eyelids and roll my jawline and cheeks for a few minutes. I follow on with SPF to the same areas.

The Hair Stuff

My cut and colour have both gone to shit, and I am growing out a fringe: lockdown hair! What a joy. I do a deep clarifying wash and use the Revlon Nutri Colour Creme to tone down brassiness 1-2x a week, then in truth just wear hats or wear it back a lot. If I need to record something or shoot photos, I do it wavy or slick it down. I bought the Mermaid hair tool and it’s good at hiding a bunch of split ends and shapeless layers.

The Makeup Stuff

I love makeup, and experimenting with new products and techniques. It’s my #1 Instagram rabbit hole. That said, I’ve always been skin-led, and have realised over time that more makeup makes me look older and more dry-skinned than I am. I swear by Much Brighter Skin for maintaining my even tone and glow; I feel confident with just concealer and colour cosmetics now - no base.

My routine: Mist face. Set brows and brush up (REFY) and fill them in with a micro-pencil. Dab in It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye concealer in the inner corner and outer corner of my eyes to brighten. Curl my lashes, apply MCo Extend Lash tubular mascara, then mist my face again before I apply sandy-bronze coloured creme contour on my eyelids for some depth, and do my ‘stripes’ all over as bronzer (Westman Atelier) and then blush (Mecca Off Duty blush stick in Candy), then I buff it all in with the Hourglass Seamless Finish Foundation brush. That’s done, but maybe some brown eyeliner on the tightline, maybe some eyeshadow, maybe some lipstick. Depends.

[Getting ready takes] around 10 minutes for skin and makeup. I often go back in an hour or so later (once kids are sorted or I have been on my walk) and add a little more and refine it before Zooms kick off.”