Zoë Foster Blake Answers Your Oil Cleansing FAQs

Zoë Foster Blake Answers Your Oil Cleansing FAQs

Since we launched Fancy Face we’ve been asked a load of questions.

What does it smell like? How is it so astonishing? Can it help me move this weekend? (A fancy pants day spa! Magic! Yes!) (Wait. This weekend? No!)

And we’ve also been asked some real ones. So! Go-To founder and Fancy Face makerer Zoë has answered all of them for you.

Should I use an oil cleanser in the morning, night or both?
We definitely recommend oil cleansing at night, (to remove all your SPF and makeup) but some people start the day with an oil cleanse to remove the sebum that accumulates over night, and make the skin plump for makeup application.

How do I wash Posh Cloth?
Rinse with warm water and soap after each use. And after every three uses (or earlier, if you think it needs it), toss in the washing machine with similar colours sans fabric softener. Tumble dry on low heat or air dry and don’t you dare iron it.

What’s the difference between Fancy Face and Properly Clean?
Properly Clean is a water-based mousse cleanser, and Fancy Face is a nourishing oil cleanser and makeup remover in one. Both are very gentle and very effective but Fancy Face is designed to dissolve heavy makeup (even on the eyes! Even longwear!) and SPF (even zinc), while Properly Clean excels at everyday morning and night cleansing. To be clear: Properly Clean is a very effective cleanser, (hence the name), but we recognise that a lot of our customers either a) wear a lot of makeup, B) wear a lot of SPF (hooray!) or C) have dryer, mature skin that needs a bit more nourishment, which is why we developed Fancy Face.

Can I use Fancy Face with oily skin?
You can! And we believe you should. Oil cleansers can be wonderfully balancing on oily skin: they take away dirty oils, and replenish the good oils. Remember: if you’re giving your skin too little oil (oily skins tend to avoid products with oil) your skin will usually start overproducing sebum to compensate, so you actually get oilier skin, plus congestion/clogged pores. Better to keep oil levels in check, than strip your skin of oil together.

Do I need to double cleanse?
It’s up to you, your skin, your day, your needs. (As a zinc-wearing, makeup wearing person with a dry skin type, who is about to turn 40, I do.)

Fancy Face and Properly Clean are both perfectly fine used solo, but if you’re wearing heavy makeup or SPF, or if you have a drier skin, then you might find your skin will benefit from a pre-cleanse with oil. To double cleanse, massage Fancy Face all over your dry face (no water on hands or face!) for a solid 30 seconds, then remove oil thoroughly from face with a warm-hot cloth. Follow on with Properly Clean. Your skin will be wildly soft, clean, bouncy and nourished, which is the perfect prep for your nightly skin care routine, and will make a big difference to your skin overall, in our biased opinion.