Your Ultimate Guide To Eyecare

Your Ultimate Guide To Eyecare

You might be used to spotting an ‘avoid the eye area’ phrase on the back of all your face products. But don’t let this fool you. Eyes need attention too. Just the right kind. 

This highly-sensitive, over-expressive area of the face won’t respond well to products that aren’t formulated specifically for delicate under eye skin. So there’s a few things to consider before you start dabbing serums or creams around crow’s feet. 

Here’s the ultimate guide to eyecare for beginners. 

When do I need to start thinking about eyecare?

It’s important to start thinking about eyecare from (at least) your mid 20s so you can help prevent fine lines and wrinkles before they take up a more permanent residence. Laying the groundwork is only going to ensure your eyes look younger for longer. But! In saying that! It’s never too late to start. 

What’s the difference between eye creams and serums? 

Eye creams are typically rich and buttery in texture (likely the closest in consistency to your daily face moisturiser); designed to alleviate dryness and help soften crepey skin. Eye serums are a touch more innovative. Being lighter in texture (therefore absorbed quicker and deeper into the skin), and more active, they offer more treatment-focused results. 

The best product for you depends on skin type and skin concerns. You might wind up using both!

How do I introduce an active eye product into my routine?

Start low. For retinoids specifically, look for products with a concentrate between 0.01% and 0.03%. (Don’t be disheartened by these small percentages! You will still see an improvement in the skin!) 

And start slow. Use your retinoid product at night - no other actives - for at least one week to see how your skin responds. Gradually up the frequency of application as your skin builds tolerance. 

5 mistakes to avoid when applying eye products. 

You might be unknowingly sabotaging those smoothing, firming, plumping results by applying eye products in the wrong order. Or being a bit too heavy handed with product. Or getting a touch too close to the lash line. Time to learn how to right those wrongs…

A glossary of terms for the eyes. 

Enhance your eye-q with these helpful descriptions of lashes, lids, fine lines, and the orbital bone - a biggie! (This natural structure will be a helpful guide when applying your eye products.)