Your 5-9 Is Just As Important As Your 9-5

Your 5-9 Is Just As Important As Your 9-5

If, like me, you aren’t waking leisurely to the soft sounds and salty scents of the Greecian coastline. (Congrats! We’re the last ones left in Australia!) It’s becoming a whole lot harder to find that lust for the mundane side of life. 

My FYP of late has been peppered with so many 5-9 routines (morning or night, depending on the person) which highlights just how much you can do in a day to feel fulfilled. 

Those pockets of personal time outside of your 9-5, are your best chance at maximising happiness and health. Sometimes we forget that. And smoosh all plans and chores into the weekend instead. 

Right now - it changes often - I’m a morning person. So here are five things I’ve been doing to boost my mood. Hey, maybe it’ll work for you too!

Make Your Bed 

Because my mum always said it’ll spark productivity for the rest of the day. And she’s right. Plus it’s so nice to come home to a neat space. Means the mind doesn’t have to think too much and you can simply unwind. 

Ps. ‘Make Your Bed’ could also mean stripping and washing the sheets, popping some fresh ones on for a guaranteed good sleep that night too, or just a general room tidy. Entirely up to you. 

Say No To Socials

I’m not perfect. I still roll and scroll as soon as I wake sometimes, purely out of habit. But gosh my mind is so much sharper and fresher when I haven’t. Find your replacement - music, a podcast, calling a friend or loved one while you make breaky. You feel a bit more connected to reality. And those reels will still be there to watch mindlessly at midday instead.  

Go Outside

Drink your coffee on the balcony. Walk to your favourite cafe and buy it instead. Skip the bus and stroll to work. Just make sure you’re getting in some good gulps of fresh air and seeing something green before sitting down at your desk. There is nothing more demotivating than getting to 5pm and realising you haven’t felt sunshine on your skin yet. 

Move Your Body 

Some of these tips are intertwined. Your movement could be that walk to get coffee I just mentioned. Or it could be something more extravagant like a run, cycle, pilates, hot yoga. Anything that helps you get your sweat on. It’s those endorphins we’re chasing. They’re your ticket out of Stress Town. 

Fill Your Belly 

After fasting for (hopefully) eight quality hours of sleep, this is the meal that’s going to replenish your glucose levels, boosting energy and alertness in the body and mind. And it’ll stop you snacking all morning. Whether it’s toast, oats, pancakes, a smoothie, you’ll be better off functioning on a full belly. 

Do Something Fun

Whatever your definition of ‘fun’ is. Find an outlet that is so completely separate from what you do for work, you actually want to make time for it each and every morning/night. Learn French! Master croissant making! You won’t even realise you aren’t in Provence!

Packing these four hours pre or post work isn’t meant to overwhelm you. It’s a reminder that you can make really deliberate decisions to get the most out of your day. Plan it wisely.