What Is Skinimalism? Your Go-To Guide To 2021's Biggest Beauty Trend.

What Is Skinimalism? Your Go-To Guide To 2021's Biggest Beauty Trend.

Skinimalism! The hard-to-say, easy-to-execute trend that’s taken over the beauty world in 2021. While the phrase is new, the idea is anything but. Skinimalism is basically just a new, skin care-y way of saying less is more.

So, where did Skinimalism come from?
In recent years the skin care industry has been flooded with hardcore actives. The result, for many consumers, has been compromised skin barriers and irritated skin due to incorrect usage of these high-strength formulas. This coupled with a year where the world was stuck at home and realised how simple their everyday routines could really be, it’s no wonder many have become exhausted with the more is more approach that’s become so prominent in the beauty world.

Dr Shyamalar Gunatheesan, Founding Dermatologist Ode Transformative Dermatology has already noted the impact skinimalism is having not only on the skin care industry, but on the beauty community more widely. “I see this trend permeating into the way we approach skin care and makeup. The less is more ethos with makeup has resulted in the quest for natural luminosity of the skin. For a while in lockdown, people were indulging in elaborate skin care routines with the temptation of trying every new skin active or peel at home,” she elaborates. “The rebellion certainly has made us realise that the skin is a well-programmed ecosystem that is able to closely calibrate according to its needs and does not like being overwhelmed with random topicals.”

What does skinimalism look like?
There are a few different ways you can spot skinimalism popping up:

1. Strip everything right back.
Give your serums and face masks a rest temporarily (or use them all up and hold on repurchasing) and try stripping it back to only the skin essentials for a little while. At a minimum, try to find something to clean, something to nourish, and something to protect. (You can find your very own skinimalist skin routine below.)

2. Embrace texture.
Showing off your natural skin as it is with pores, texture, spots and all.

3. Do more with less.
Save yourself some time (and money) and invest in a few multi-use products into your routine. Pick a shade that will work across lips and cheeks (and eyes, if you can!) and apply it with your fingers instead of a brush.

Is Skinimalism right for you?
If you’re brand new to skin care, skinimalism is definitely worth a shot. (Likewise if you’re a long-time skin care user feeling exhausted by lengthy routines.) It’s the perfect way to introduce yourself to a consistent skin routine and it might even end up being something that you want to stick to long-term, if you find the skin care essentials are all you need/want in your routine.

If, on the other hand, you’re not ready to give up your serums and face masks or you still feel better with a touch of makeup to cover your breakouts (hi, same) that’s very okay. Just because skinimalism works for some people doesn’t mean it will automatically be a perfect fit for everyone. If there are some aspects you're interested in, give them a go. If there aren’t, stick to what you love and what makes you feel good. There’s no one right way to build your beauty routine, so doing what works for you and your skin is the most important thing.

A skinimalism skin care routine you can try.
Feeling ready to take a step back from your 12-step routine? Here is a very streamlined skin care routine to get you on your Simple Life Way.

In the AM and PM:

  1. Multi-tasking cleanser. You’re going to want something that’s gentle enough for a quick morning cleanse but also able to remove your SPF at night.
  2. Antioxidant-rich moisturiser or face oil. (Depending on your skin type/preferences.)
  3. Sunscreen or moisturiser with SPF, for mornings only.