Skin Care For Congested Skin

Skin Care For Congested Skin

Skin feeling a bit dull? A bit angry? A bit breakout-y? A bit overloaded with makeup and SPF and just a bit.. blah? We know that feeling. (Well.) And we’re going to help you fix it, and also prevent it with a once-a-week routine to calm, clear skin.

It’s not tricky or time-consuming. (You’ve got Bridgerton to rewatch.) Just five hardworking steps designed to help you hit reset and keep your skin fresh.

Oil Cleanser
Starting off with an oil cleanser will thoroughly and gently melt away all traces of makeup, SPF, and sebum/excess oil. Cleansing oils are specifically designed to penetrate pores, drawing out any excess oil and other impurities (like grime or bacteria - a common cause of congestion or irritation) and then dissolve them. They also balance and regulate skin’s oil production. Which in our biased/correct opinion makes them a very effective first step.

Muslin Cloth
The best way to thoroughly wipe the day (and your oil cleanser) away. Muslin cloths are a long-time facialist favourite for very good reason. They’re gentle enough that they won’t irritate or harm your skin, and effective enough to remove all traces of cleanser, sunscreen, makeup, and skin care from your face. Run under warm water, and use all over your face in small, circular motions. Splash your face with water and feel freesssssh.

Water-Based Cleanser
Now that your oil cleanser has gotten rid of all that surface stuff, your second cleanse is able to go deep and ensure your skin is truly, ludicrously clean. Opt for something water-based like a mousse or a milk and massage it for at least 30 seconds before rinsing off.

Now that you’re all fresh and clean, it’s time to exfoliate. This gets rid of any dead skin cells lurking around (important because those pests are known for causing breakouts), speeds up cell turnover, evens out skin tone, and leaves skin soft, healthy, and glowing.

We obviously recommend you use a chemical exfoliant because we’re biased and also pretty arrogant. Kidding. We recommend you use a chemical exfoliant because they tend to be far more gentle on the skin, since they don’t use gritty little granules like physical exfoliants do. But as always: use what you like and what works for you and your skin.

Clay Mask
Clay masks detoxify, and give your pores a real big clear-out. They clear away impurities and excess oil and do a magnificent job of balancing all skin types. They’re huge overachievers, in other words. And a real essential for healthy, clear skin. Pop them on for 10 minutes to revive dull, cranky, congested, or unloved skin, and gently remove with warm water. Follow with some lovely, replenishing skin care (hydrating serum, nourishing face oils, soothing face creams) because once you clear everything out, you need to put some good stuff back in.