Six Real Fancy Face Reviews

Six Real Fancy Face Reviews

About six weeks ago we sent out a secret batch of Fancy Face to some trusted rascals in exchange for two things:

  • Their thoughts after they had given it a real go over the Silly Season/Summer.
  • Their firstborn.

  • Most of them declined that second request, but all provided their Genuine Thoughts on our brand new oil cleanser, Fancy Face.

    Gemma Watts, Editor of Glow Journal & Podcast Host

    "I have been keeping a secret. A secret that has consumed me for almost six weeks. I hid this secret from my friends, my family, my loved ones. I clung to it over Christmas and New Years. I buried it, deep within my bathroom cupboards, so it wouldn’t be uncovered by the prying eyes of my holiday visitors.

    That secret is Fancy Face- a cleanser so beautiful, I do not remember what my life was like without it. This cleanser (an oil- my preferred medium with which to cleanse) has saved my skin throughout the festive season. I looked forward to cleansing with it each evening SO much so that NOT ONCE (okay, maybe just once) over the party period did I neglect to remove my makeup before bed.

    Oil cleansers will always be my favourite for their superior makeup/grime/pizza removing properties, but THIS one is especially beautiful because it leaves zero residue, leaves the skin post-facial soft and smells like heaven. Also- it’s very fancy."

    Ash Austen, Beauty Editor, WHIMN

    "The first step when I hop in, I cover my dry face in the oil and let it soak in a little bit before washing it off and going in for a second once over with a foam cleanser, instead of the cloth. Habitually I usually followed with a third cleanse in the form of micellar water on a cotton pad, although after using Fancy Face, it was all but made redundant."After using it at night for the past month, I can officially say skin has reached a new frontier of clean – and there wasn’t a pore strip in sight. Because I’m a woman low on time (and have a serious case of decision fatigue and you know, standard fatigue come 6pm), I prefer to do the majority of my PM primping and preening in the shower – and this product fits that remit perfectly.

    Best of all, there’s zero residue so you can go to town applying all manner of serums, oils, and creams straight after and your skin feels clean and ready to soak it all in – instead of stripped and inflamed."

    Tegan, Go-To Customer

    “Whoa, an oil cleanser convert here with the fanciest of faces! A total bathroom luxury. Fancy Face is one of those products you didn’t know you needed until you experience its magic. Perplexed to begin, I played around with my cleansing routine - nights only, mornings only, morning and night... All options work!

    My guilty habit of using quick, but drying and ineffective, makeup wipes after a night out has been delightfully replaced by Fancy Face (it’s just as fast but a million times better for your skin - pinky promise!). My face is clean (but not stripped), hydrated (but not oily), soft, and free from blemishes. Fancy Face has a permanent place in my self-care collection.”

    Rebekah Scanlan, Lifestyle Editor,

    “I am definitely NOT an oil products kind of gal, I am a bit of an oil-phobic if you like, so I was majorly doubtful about putting this on my face. But, you have won me over with this dry oil cleanser.

    WHAT a babe.
    It's amazing and it really does melt away make-up without tugging or putting my skin under too much stress from rubbing etc, like other cleansers.

    So thank you for changing my mind about oils.”

    Matilda On Video, YouTuber

    “I have had a bottle of Properly Clean in my bathroom since Go-To launched in 2014, but Fancy Face leaves my skin feeling even more soft and supple.

    Daily SPF was gone without a trace, makeup melted away, and the process of cleansing with Posh Cloth feels like a ritzy little ritual.

    The texture is light and luxurious like Face Hero, and that rose, tuberose and gardenia scent is like a gift from a summer garden. My skin looks and feels fancy and fresh!”

    Flex Mami, DJ

    “Fancy face thoughts: Firstly it smells divine, premium, cosy yet very expensive.

    A few pumps and even the most hectic coloured eyeshadows glide off with about a minute of gentle rubbing.

    When I’ve got on makeup that requires a little bit of work to get off, Fancy Face is the first product of my double cleansing routine. Also helps that my skin feels so JUICY afterwards!!!”