3 Shower Mistakes You Should Avoid

3 Shower Mistakes You Should Avoid

Shower.. mistakes? Really?

Yes! Really! Shower skin mistakes to be specific. Because even though showering is crucial for keeping your skin clean and healthy, it can also impact your skin negatively if you’re doing any the following:

1. Using Water That’s Too Hot

Unless you’re interested in having stripped, tight, or inflamed skin. Anyone? Didn’t think so. Dermal Therapist Yadira Cauchi explains that “while hot showers are a lot of people's guilty pleasures (mine included), they can dry out and irritate your skin.” Especially if your skin is already irritated with a damaged moisture barrier or if it’s prone to rosacea and redness or if you like to shower with your face towards the water.

To avoid irritating your skin or worsening any skin conditions (such as rosacea or eczema) Cauchi recommends that we steer clear of roasting ourselves and stick to “warm, not hot water”.

2. Showering For Too Long

While relaxing, staying in the shower for extended periods of time can also (sadly) potentially aggravate the skin. “You don't want to stay in the shower until your skin turns wrinkly as that can be a sign that you're stripping moisture from your skin,” says Cauchi.

Stick to 5-10 minutes instead to prevent that tight, dry, uncomfortable feeling and moisturise your body quickly after you jump out to “create a barrier to prevent transepidermal water loss (TEWL).”

3. Incorrectly Using Your Products

Whether or not you should cleanse in or outside the shower is a hotly debated topic. (As for Cauchi’s expert opinion? “It’s ok as long as you're removing all of your makeup/SPF properly. I would prefer that someone cleanses in the shower than not cleanse at all. We’re all time-poor.”) There is one notable exception to this, however. If you’re cleansing with an oil cleanser, do it before your shower always.

Ysee, oil cleansers must be applied to dry skin, with dry hands, or they will emulsify too quickly and not be able to work properly. Since the dry/dry combo is basically impossible in the shower, the cleansing oil won’t be able to remove the SPF, makeup, or grime on your face, which could result in congestion or breakouts. Always read product instructions to ensure you’re not getting the most out of your skin care and your shower.