Roj Torabi Shares Her Very Best Tips For Sensitised Skin

Roj Torabi Shares Her Very Best Tips For Sensitised Skin

This article was created as part of a paid partnership between Go-To (Hey! That's us!) and Roj Torabi. All answers and opinions shared are her own. (Even the one about being Team Kate over Team Edwina*.)

Tell us a little about yourself!
Where do I begin?! I’m Roj. I’m a lawyer and a (skin)influencer. I have a podcast with my friend Martha. I’m 25. I’m based in Sydney. I love my family. I have a chaotic calendar (one that many say is too busy for my age). I’m the sort of person who doesn’t have enough time and hours in a week for all things I want to do. Get the vibe?

What is your skin type and main skin concerns?
Okay, so, I have combination skin. My [main skin concern] would have to be texture, getting really dry in certain areas, and awfully dewy in others. Plus, I’m massive on preventative skincare, so I try to avoid a lot [of skin damage] before it happens.

Take us through your typical daily skin care routine.
I definitely have a mask somewhere in the day. Whether it be at midnight for a speedy mask or be on while I make dinner, in my eyes, a face mask a day keeps plenty at bay.

As for the rest of the routine, I do the whole kit and kaboodle. Think:

  1. A bloody good cleanse (double cleanse duh),
  2. Another barrier prep step (like a toner/essence),
  3. Eye care of some sort,
  4. Vitamin c,
  5. Another serum (maybe something like a retinol),
  6. And obviously a moisturiser and a sunscreen!

I also exfoliate about twice a week, too.

Are there any skin care products or ingredients you can’t live without to help with sensitised skin?
Ceramides and D-Panthenol are a must for me. Not just when my skin is sensitised, but always.

How long have you been using The Repair Shop and what were your first impressions of it?

[I’ve been using The Repair Shop for] three weeks now and I LOVE IT. It’s such a luscious, creamy, and softening mask that leaves my skin very plump and juicy.

Where does The Repair Shop fit in your skin care routine/how often do you use it with your sensitive skin?
To be honest, it's very versatile. I wouldn’t box it in and say that it falls only into my ‘masking’ part of the day because I fit it into a few more areas, e.g. sometimes I apply it in the morning when I get up early to do some emails and feel my skin needs a quick hydrator or even, sometimes I apply it while I dry my hair/before doing my makeup.

How does your skin look and feel immediately after using The Repair Shop?
I go from being a tabletop muscatel cluster to a plump grape that feels as soft as a peach. It’s really a joy of a product.

What’s your best advice for other people with sensitised skin?
Look for things with some ceramides to help replenish and strengthen your barrier. Maybe also some things with hyaluronic acid and glycerin to hydrate your skin. A little vitamin e in there to calm the barrier and some D-Panthenol to help retain and balance natural moisture levels in your skin.