Real Reviews From Retinal Rookies And Experts Alike

Real Reviews From Retinal Rookies And Experts Alike

De-Crease is here! And as is tradition at Go-To HQ, we like to surprise a bunch of lucky customers with early access to the product. A chance to test it out a few weeks before anyone else can get their hands on it. 

De-Crease underwent clinical testing and passed with flying colours (read all about it!). With impressive results under its belt (see ya later crow’s feet, hello firm, smooth under eyes), we wanted to put this serum through even more hoops. And by hoops we mean squaring up against some very loyal members of The Go-To Facebook Group.

De-Crease landed on the doorsteps of Retinal Rookies, Dabblers, and Vitamin A Experts across Australia. Here are their honest thoughts: 

The Retinal Rookies


Age: 31

Skin Type: Oily, combo

Skin concern: Breakouts, dehydrated skin, pigmentation 

“My immediate first impression was how concentrated this serum felt on my skin.. It sunk into the skin wonderfully, and definitely gives the eyes a fantastic pick-me-up glow (perfect for those tired mummas out there!). 

“De-Crease has really enhanced the skin around my eyes. It looks dewy and more hydrated. I love how gentle yet potent the formula is. Despite being a first-time retinal user I was actually able to incorporate an extra day in the week as my skin was able to take it without any irritation. I'm so impressed after only a couple of weeks; I have been using eye creams for years but nothing has been quite as effective as this serum.”


Age: 33

Skin Type: Dry, combo

Skin concern: Ageing

“De-Crease is so soft and so easy to apply! My skin definitely agreed with the retinal and didn’t have any dramas incorporating it with my nighttime routine. It didn’t take long for my skin to soak up the product. Also, a little goes a long way! Half a pump is all I needed for both eyes.“

“My under eye area is definitely less dry compared to how it used to be before using De-Crease. My skin definitely is smoother, and BRIGHTER! The appearance of fine lines almost doesn’t exist since using de-Crease. NO SIGNS OF CROWS FEET AT ALL! ”

The Dabblers


Age: 38

Skin Type: 

Skin concern: Ageing, fine lines 

“It’s a beautiful golden serum, thicker than what I imagined it would be – but no greasy residue, and it’s super gentle and nurturing to my delicate eye area, I can almost feel my skin tightening on application.”

“My skin looks and feels noticeably firmer after only a couple of weeks. And the best part? I've even been brave enough to leave the house without concealer for the first time in years! So, if you're like me and in desperate need of a skincare superhero to rescue you from the clutches of crow's feet and fine lines, do yourself a favour and grab a bottle of this serum - your future self will thank you.” 


Age: 31

Skin Type: Normal

Skin concern: Fine lines

“Upon application, I found De-Crease to be a rich yet gentle gel that, within seconds, I could literally feel sink into the skin of my eye area. It instantly left my skin feeling hydrated and smooth, and over time, those little lines were happily shown the door. Bye!”

“I loved how it lifted my eye area and made my skin feel bright and tight but not uncomfortable and stringent like other products I've used in the past; it's like a mini feel-good natural eye lift in a bottle. But, most importantly. It makes me feel good.”

The Experts 


Age: 37

Skin Type: Dry, sensitive 

Skin concern: Redness, uneven skin tone, ageing 

“Ooooo it’s like a silky gel! I love how light it is and how it soaks in so well. Most normal eye creams give me milia around my eyes as they’re too heavy and many other active serum ones are often too harsh for my sensitive skin. This left my skin feeling dewy and glowy.” 

“After a couple of weeks of use, my skin definitely felt smoother, more plump and looked glowy. I swear my fine lines have improved, I can’t wait to see how the next couple of weeks go.”


Age: 27

Skin Type: Combo 

Skin concern: Uneven skin tone 

“My first impression of De-Crease was that it is delightfully fragrant-free, and has a very cooling, refreshing feeling upon application. Also, a little goes a VERY long way, I’ve needed about a grain of rice size to cover the whole eye area - which we love in this economy!!” 

“After a couple of uses, I noticed my eye area was smoother and softer, and after a few weeks my under-eyes feel firmer too. I’ve noticed I’m getting less of those pesky concealer creases under my eyes as the day wears on as well. I have tried quite a few eye creams over the years and this is the first one that didn’t irritate and cause my under-eyes to flake - win!”

De-Crease Face Go-To Skincare
15ML / 0.5 FL OZ


Retinal Eye Serum

Better and faster than retinol. A retinal eye serum clinically proven to counteract signs of ageing. Niacinamide, peptides, honey locust extract improve skin hydration, firmness, and texture to help lift the eye area.