Very Amazing Reviews Of Very Amazing Retinal

Very Amazing Reviews Of Very Amazing Retinal

Retinoids have a very tricky reputation. 

They’re an ingredient with so, so many skincare benefits (smoothing, firming, lifting, clearing). But they’ve earned a reputation for sometimes causing irritation to the skin (stinging, redness, dryness). 

You don’t need to hesitate when it comes to vitamin A. Not ours, at least. And here’s proof. 

We sent Very Amazing Retinal to some willing faces pre-launch. Some had never used a retinoid. (Now converted.) Some had been ‘burned’ before. (Also converted.)

This is what Go-To triallers had to say about our new serum, and their now glowing skin. 

The Retinal Rookies


40, combination skin

“After a few weeks of using Very Amazing Retinal my skin looks and feels smoother, softer and bouncier. Darker spots and fine lines are less visible and I feel as though my skin looks younger than it’s 40 years! It felt lightweight, and went on smoothly with no sticky feeling, or residue. Like it wasn’t even there.”


39, combination skin

“Very Amazing Retinal was cooling on the first application, and dried very quickly, so I could continue with my usual skincare regime. I did notice that on the first few applications there was some sensitivity/tingling, but nothing of concern. 

I think it’s too early to tell if Very Amazing Retinal has made my skin look different, given it’s only been three weeks. But it definitely feels softer, smoother, and healthier which is a win in my books.”


40, just skin

“Upon first application, I noticed an almost immediate glow to my skin! And after 3-4 weeks of use, I have had so many people tell me that I am glowing! 

It's easy to apply, feels smooth on the skin, and I have actually noticed changes: Less redness, smoother, the appearance of my fine lines has reduced (particularly on my forehead), and my skin feels more supple.”

The Skintermediates


34, just skin

My skin never feels tight or sticky [after application], yet I definitely advise giving Very Amazing Retinal a chance to fully absorb into your skin (I like to brush my teeth while I wait). I personally always follow with Face Hero and Very Useful Face Cream, and I find they do not pill, and I go to bed feeling hydrated and glowy.

And guys! Skin texture? Gone! Don’t even know her! I am soooo smoothed out, all the tiny little bumps under my skin have been eradicated!”


55, normal-dry skin

“[Very Amazing Retinal] glides beautifully onto skin, it's not tacky and absorbs well. Can layer products with no pilling. I started slowly and very soon was using nightly. 

I've noticed fine lines are decreasing, especially on my neck and my smile lines. My skin feels deliciously soft and glowy. My pigmentation is fading, which I'm so thrilled about! 

I will be replacing my previous big-global-brand retinal with Very Amazing Retinal. In just one month, the change in my skin texture and tone is just so good. That's all the time it took to convince me!” 

The Experts 


39, combination skin

“It felt like a lightweight serum - and a surprisingly nourishing one. No burning, tingling, and none of the ‘active’ feeling I’ve experienced previously with similar (obviously inferior) vitamin A products.

Look, at the ripe old age of 38 and with my face making a whole LIBRARY of expressions (especially in the last 6 years: cue parenthood) I don’t think there’s any product that is going to be able to remove my fine lines - so I don’t think they have changed much. But what I HAVE noticed is a marked difference in the way my skin feels. The texture. When I am washing my face or applying any product at all I can’t believe the actual lack of texture. My skin is as smooth as a newborn baby's bum. I absolutely love it. You can really see the glow up in my before and after photos, from dull to peachy.”


31, combination skin 

“I appreciated that despite the gorgeous strong colour, it wasn’t strongly fragranced. It didn’t feel heavy on my face, and seemed to absorb into my skin in less than a minute. A little pump went a long way for me. 

After using Very Amazing Retinal consistently for a few weeks, my skin started to look clearer, refreshed and revived. It took away the dullness of my old skin and gave me a real glow! It also helps to use Very Amazing Retinal on alternative days, alongside Glow Exfoliator, after your skin has adjusted to it. (It's like it just powered up the skin brightening process!) My skin also appeared to recover from surface blemishes faster, and my make up also sat better on my skin.” 


40-something, normal-sensitive skin

“Very Amazing Retinal is smooth, no irritation, and it slipped seamlessly into my existing routine. And the best part? I’m only a month in, and the results are already starting to show. My skin is undeniably smoother. Recently, I was applying makeup, and it went on like a dream, giving me a glow that says “my skincare regime is working". 

I’ve been waiting for Go-To to do a retinol-like product for a long time, and it’s certainly been worth the wait.”