Angry Skin? Give These Repairing Skincare Ingredients A Go

Angry Skin? Give These Repairing Skincare Ingredients A Go

Dealing with angry skin, huh?

Don’t worry. You’re certainly not solo there. Skin is fickle and even though it’s incredibly personal and individual to you, irritation is a universal experience.

And it can happen for endless reasons. Maybe you’re hormonal! Maybe the seasons have changed! Maybe the weather’s aggravated it! Maybe you’ve gone too hard on actives! Maybe you forgot to cleanse when you got home last night! Maybe mercury is in retrograde! Who knows!

What we do know is that when your skin starts punishing you with congestion, redness, or a tight, uncomfortable feeling, you should put down the hardcore actives, and pick up some gentle, soothing, repair-y ingredients. Like these five!


Dry, irritated skin will very much appreciate an extra helping of moisture. And there’s no better ingredient for mega moisture than ceramides. Ceramides are fatty acids which allow your skin to function properly. They also work to reinforce and strengthen the skin’s barrier, which will help you prevent irritation in the future.

Buriti Oil

Bitchy skin loves buriti. Why? Because it’s a highly moisturising oil made to rescue and replenish sensitive or sensitised skin. Extracted from the fruit of the moriche palm, buriti oil is the quiet achiever of the skin world. You may not hear about it often, but it has serious anti-inflammatory properties. If you’re looking for a gentle, effective way to relieve redness, roughness, or irritation, give buriti oil a go.

Vitamin E

The OG skin soother. Vitamin E is a calming classic for a reason. This powerful antioxidant is another ingredient known for its ability to protect and repair at the same time. moisturise the skin and improve barrier function. On top of that it also aids in preventing free radical damage on the skin.


Niacinamide (aka Vitamin B3) does a whole lot for skin, and it does it all really well. (Ahem, that’s why it’s so insanely popular with skin of all types and concerns.) It’s well known for its calming and soothing abilities, which makes it exceptional if you have any redness that you want to calm down. On top of that it can assist with barrier function and help lock moisture firmly in your skin. Nice.