Can You Really Manifest Your Way To Bright, Bouncy Skin?

Can You Really Manifest Your Way To Bright, Bouncy Skin?

While some might have a dizzying concoction of serums and creams and pimple patches to fend off breakouts (or is that just me?), a growing number of skincare fanatics are now adding a spiritual element to their routine. And maybe you should too. 

Garnering a whopping 31.4 billion tags on TikTok to date, #manifestation has officially made its way into the beauty sphere for its self-care-y impact on the soul and skin. 

Manifestation is all about the law of attraction, so what you put out into the universe is what you will get in return; making note of the things you want to bring into your life by either writing it down on a piece of paper or verbally affirming it. For example If I was wanting to bring in abundance I would write down specifically the [dollar] amount on a piece of paper then visualise this sitting in my bank account.

I do want to say work has to come with this, manifestations won’t happen overnight! You have to be consistent with the work in order to get that magic back. 

Lucky Girl Syndrome for those of you about to ask, is just another form of manifesting the things you want to bring into your life, but you need to understand there is a level of privilege that comes with practicing manifestation. Not everyone is ‘lucky’ enough to be able to do so effortlessly, with the right tools and environment. 

You might start manifesting to help carve out your career path, potentially to bring love into your life, or attract abundance like I said. And glowing skin can 100% be a result of this practice too. It’s all about being centred, grounded, more compassionate. In order to manifest (clear, bright, bouncy skin) we have to become pretty present within ourselves, slow down, and listen to our intuition. 

Creating a deeper connection between mind and body is key to reducing stress - which we know is a common contributor to breakouts and inflammation. Taking the time to check-in with yourself via manifestation, daily or weekly, is going to have benefits for your overall health (skin included). You might even go so far as to perform this practice while completing your nightly skincare routine, get all that good juju flowing at a time when you’re focused on nourishing the face. 

If you’re looking to change your skin type, get rid of pigmentation, have fuller lips, we unfortunately can’t help you. There are no physical transformations involved in manifestation. But it might, instead, change how you feel about accepting the skin you're in.

Manifestation is very malleable, so do whatever feels good for you! If it’s a vision board filled with words and images that resonate with your wants, then go ahead and do that. If it’s stepping onto your mat for a morning medi that finishes with verbal affirmations, that’s fine too. If it’s cleansing, toning, masking, moisturising while really connecting with yourself in the bathroom mirror, sounds good to me! And if you’re feeling stuck, know that there are a lot of beginner-style resources out there for anyone just starting their manifestation journey. Shameless plug incoming…my book Wild & Witchy can provide a basic guide, and my podcast Fill My Cup talks more on the ‘how to’, too. 

Concepts like manifesting give people a sense of control amidst the chaos, and when it’s linked to love, wealth, dream jobs, travel, glowing skin, you can totally see why it’s gaining traction.