Eye Didn’t Know That...

Eye Didn’t Know That...

For so long Face and Body have reigned supreme in the world of skincare. You’d think Eyes would be wrapped up in that too, but no. Often an afterthought. Often forgotten. 

In 2024 we’ve got our sights set on nourishing this super delicate section of skin. Giving it the time, attention, and targeted treatment it deserves (not just dabbing any old moisturiser around the eye).

Here’s a few tidbits we bet you didn’t know about your peepers.


Hairs that grow around the edge of the eyelid (the shortest hairs on your body!). They protect your eyeball from dust, debris, any object or irritant that might cause infection or injury. They’re super sensitive too. Kinda like a cat’s whiskers. 


Working closely with your lashes, eyelids help to protect your eyeball from any foreign elements. They also act as a barrier if and when your eyes are exposed to extreme light or heat; working to keep the eyes comfortably lubricated and hydrated (every time we blink the eyelids secrete a combination of oils, water and mucin). 


More simply put: droopy eyelids. Some people are born with it, others develop it with age (loss of collagen and elastin), or as a result of an eye injury. Pronounced ‘tow suhs’ this condition can start to impact eyesight as the eyelid sags and blocks a portion of your pupil. Always best to get this checked in case of underlying medical issues.  

Orbital Bone 

There are a group of seven different bones that fuse together to form the ‘orbit’ around the eye socket, making a protective cup in the skull. This bone structure becomes a very useful guide for where best to apply your eye products. Just follow the orbital bone!

Lateral Canthal Lines

Also known as crow’s feet. Or laugh lines. Take your pick. These wrinkles form at the outer corners of your eye and depending on the severity (for lack of a better word), can be visible when the face is both moving and static. Caused by everyday facial movements like laughing, smiling, squinting…you can prevent and/or treat these fine lines from forming, should you wish. 

Periorbital Pigmentation 

Time to talk about those dark circles. This (undesired) trait could be the result of a) genetics, or b) lifestyle factors like alcohol consumption, stress, or lack of sleep. The former is actually the most prevalent cause. But you can help mask the appearance with eye products that contain caffeine, retinal, and hyaluronic acid to help to brighten and plump the skin.