A (Very Dewy) Decade Of Go-To

A (Very Dewy) Decade Of Go-To

10 years ago Go-To launched and we couldn’t even call you on our Airpods. 

We feel so privileged and so lucky to still be looking after your skin all these years later. 

Holy shit you still look amazing! (Objectively, so do we.)

We’ve got no doubt that this is due to all the hydrate-y skinventions we’ve dropped over the last decade but let’s take a proper walk down peach lane. 


We launched on April Fool’s Day to the genuine confusion of the press who didn’t know if we were kidding or not. (Ha! We weren’t.) Five clever, peach-polka-dot products were released into the wild to make amazing faces, even amazing-er.


We moved from a garage into a Real Life Office just in time to launch a facial oil that’s had The Entire World in a chokehold since: Face Hero. Oh, and we turned one! We celebrated by inventing Netflix and eating a mountain of cake.


Bro-To was born on Father’s Day as an actual joke. But everybody loved it, so we let it stay. Go-To’s sell-out Leonardo Drycaprio shower cap made cinematic history here too, nabbing an Oscar for Best Actor. (JK! The real Leo did that.) 


We turned into a very confident threenager. To celebrate, Harry Styles texted us released his debut single Sign Of The Times, and Beyoncé announced two new heirs to the Knowles-Carter throne. 


The peach truck travelled across Australia handing out skincare, snacks, and triple-shot espressos. Transformazing and Zincredible (RIP) shimmied into the Go-To lineup. We became a certified carbon neutral business. And we launched in the US. Big year.  


Go-To lands in MECCA! All stores. Australia and New Zealand. To say we were thrilled would be a filthy understatement. Holy huge Sud Bud…We then revealed Gro-To because, well, tiny skin deserved some fun too. We also moved to a new office with our very own, in-house, peach lab. Bigger year.


We couldn’t throw the enormous sixth birthday party we had planned (laser tag), so we formulated a different kind of party: Skin Party. Exfoliating Swipeys got a cameo on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram stories (!) and we all watched Tiger King while kneading focaccia. No?


We made a serum you’d been demanding for 637 years: Much Brighter Skin. The Go-To Gang, our very dazzling loyalty program kicked off, and we sent one lucky flamingo to Hamilton Island to celebrate. We cheers-ed to another brilliant year by collaborating with Four Pillars on the first release of My New Go-To Gin!


A skincare masterclass with Zoë finally happened (no social distancing involved). To celebrate turning eight we gave away a car. A CAR! Brand new peach products left the lab, six of ‘em. And we plastered Go-To on squillions of billboards across Sydney. Because that’s what eight year olds do.


Season one of The Last Of Us aired. So did season one of The Amazing Face. Between releasing five new products, and turning freckles into caramello koalas, we collaborated with homegrown luxury fashion label, Alémais, to release an iconic holiday collection


We launched our first ever vitamin a and, more importantly, celebrated (celebrating, right now!) a whole decade of looking after your magnificent face. Fortune cookies are back, and ours specifically said ‘Go-To will release 11 new products before Christmas’. Buckle up.