3 Reasons I Use Retinal Religiously

3 Reasons I Use Retinal Religiously

Not a typo. 

Retinal is the natural precursor to retinoic acid. And given retinal is one step - it converts naturally once applied to the skin - closer to retinoic acid (than its more popular cousin: retinol), it’s better, faster, and less irritating on the skin. 

There’s my three reasons. Bold and all. Pens down. 

But I have been harping on about those since launching De-Crease, and Very Amazing Retinal

So let’s get real niche. This is why I use Go-To’s vitamin A serum on my skin. 

1. To keep hyperpigmentation in check

You can’t fix hyperpigmentation. But you can keep it in check. A few hot days, even with SPF 50, a hat and sunnies, and my melanin kicks off. To calm it down, and reclaim my even skin tone, I’m fastidious about vitamin C in the AM under my SPF, and retinal in the PM. Retinal helps fade the appearance of pigmentation by increasing cell turnover (getting rid of dull, sluggish cells), brightening the skin, and evening tone. Our new retinal serum (more on this in a sec) is clinically proven* to reduce pigmentation by 70%, and I personally have never had such consistently bright skin.

2. I’m in my forties, I need “something serious”

There comes a time when you just want… more from your skincare. When you want something serious to restore your glow; to do the heavy lifting. I choose retinal because a) vitamin A is the gold standard when it comes to serious skincare, and b) because of its cell renewal and collagen production. I get clearer, bouncier, more luminous skin, and none of the reactions commonly associated with vitamin A. (I dabbled in retinol but had to use very low strength, and still my skin got spicy. I could never use it long enough to see results.)

3. Gently, gently for better results now and later

Golden rule of skincare: less is more. Whether it’s freaking out over a breakout, a scrubbing and dousing in acids, or using all of your AHAs, vitamin A and other actives every day, effectively giving yourself a daily DIY chemical peel and destroying your barrier; the skin does not like this. And it will let you know, with irritation, perioral dermatitis, or sensitised skin. 

Taking it slow, introducing high-strengths a few times a week, one at a time, building up tolerance, giving your skin a chance to adapt? So much better. (What will a derm say if your skin is wigging out? Pare it right back. Keep it simple. Gentle.) I use age-old skincare heavy hitters (AHAs, vitamin A, vitamin C etc.) in my routine for improved texture and tone, but they’re always accompanied by SPF, gentle cleansers, nourishing oils, and nurturing creams to keep my skin calm and my barrier strong.

3a. Speaking of gentle…

It’s always top of mind at Go-To. We want everyone to feel confident bringing actives into their routine (because honestly, that’s where the results are) so we formulate with an even weighting on efficacy and gentleness.

Our new Very Amazing Retinal is the perfect example.

This powerful serum blends the cell-renewing power of retinal with peptides, niacinamide, centella, and soothing mushroom extract to give the benefits of vitamin A without the spicy tingles. I was only ever able to use retinol 2-3x a week, but can use Very Amazing Retinal every night. 

That said - my preferred routine is Very Amazing Retinal one night, and our Glow Exfoliator the next, alternating between AHAs and vitamin A for quite frankly, the best skin of my life.

Very Amazing Retinal Face Go-To Skincare
30 ML / 1.0 FL OZ

Very Amazing Retinal

Vitamin A Face Serum

Very Amazing Retinal is a powerful but gentle retinal facial serum clinically proven* to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin tone, texture and elasticity. It will help to firm and lift the skin, and overall hydrate, protect, and brighten your complexion. Doing vitamin A the Go-To way means this is not-your-average retinal serum.

Calling it ‘Very Amazing’? The hubris! Not really, ‘cos it’s clinically proven* to:

  • reduce the appearance of fine lines by up to 40% 
  • reduce the appearance of wrinkles by up to 30% 
  • reduce pigmentation by up to 70% 
  • reduce skin redness by up to 70% 
  • smooth the skin by up to 55%

*Based on a 12 week consumer study of 33 participants.

It’s perfect for the retinoid curious and those who already love and use vitamin A. 

Zo x