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4 fun ways to inject colour into your child’s bedroom (and why).

If a kid’s bedroom filled with tones of beige on beige is not your jam, then join the club! V.Happy Co (as a crusader of colour) have the tips to take your kid’s bedroom from bland to rainbow wonderland.

V.Happy Co are creators of seriously fun (and smart) wall art and furniture for kids. Read on as chief rainbow chaser, Vanessa, makes it easy to design a bedroom for your child that reflects their personality and sparks their imagination.

Putting the fun in functional.

Mixing functional furniture with smaller playful pieces in your child’s room is a smart way to create a balanced space. I like to start with the bulky practical pieces. Let these items, such as the bed and the desk become part of the bedroom’s canvas. It’s easy to add colour and texture, with colourful linen. Choose neutral tones and textures for functional furniture. This will make the $$$ last longer.

Now it’s time to have some fun. Smaller items such as colourful chairs, side tables and objects will allow your child to express themselves. Op shops and Ikea will have inexpensive options that your piccolo Picasso can unleash on. This investment is all about decorating their own furniture piece - so they feel a sense of ownership in their space. Get crafty with it. Imagine a table covered in googly eyes! Find a statement piece that will surprise and delight via colour or shape or design. This is your licence to be impracticable.

How about a stool that looks like a burger, a musk-stick or even a cloud? It doesn’t have to be furniture per-se, it can be as ridiculous as a giant pencil

Start with the art.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the art on the walls. Does the bedroom have a statement furniture piece, rug, linen or special toy? This can be used as a starting point to set the tone and palette of the room. If not, then wall art is a great place to start.

At home, our walls are white, so filling them with art was my priority. Letter Prints are a great option. Not only are they bold and bright, but also educational. We call it smart art! Choosing the first letter of their name or the alphabet is a no brainer – Let’s face it, their name isn’t going to change and the ABCs never get old. 

V.Happy Co’s Letter and Number Prints will add colour and help your kiddos learn at the same time (No batteries required!). Or add a little sunshine with Sunny

If you’re starting from scratch. Get your child involved - Let them choose the colour of the art work. Encourage your child to create their own colourful masterpieces. Prepare for opinions that range from “unicorn pink” to “grasshopper green.

Make bedtime fun with layered linen, clashing patterns and pillows.

Colourful bedding adds an instant dose of cheerfulness; making bedtime a party. Get your child involved in the decision-making process. Ask about their favourite colours and patterns. Then narrow down the options and let them choose their favourite.

Linen is an investment, so choose versatile designs that can grow with your child, reducing the need for frequent updates. My tip is to choose pieces that are tonally cohesive, then layer with patterned or block coloured blankets and cushions. Mix up the fabrics to create a textured and cosy look.

I love to mix and match different patterns to create a playful and eclectic look, like our friends at Sage x Clare. Mix spots with stripes or flowers with gingham. Anything goes, so long as the palette is tonal, you will create an inviting space. Bed canopies are another great way to inject colour and add a touch of whimsy.

Make it personal by adding finishing touches like playful cushions or personalised letter cushions. How many cushions do you ask? Make it easy for yourself - how much time do you have for pillow arranging in the mornings? 2-3 is a good number - a sleeping pillow and a few smaller additions. 

Storage solutions.

Keeping a child’s room organised can be a challenge, but with the right storage solutions, it becomes easier. Here are some colourful ideas to make it seem like you’ve got things under control:

It’s easy to find a colour that suits your decor with Mustard’s range of rainbow lockers. Our Shorty Locker doubles as a hotel for Barbies, when not used to hide toys. Another favourite is the Componibili by Kartell. Anything with a smile has my heart.

toy chest or a crate is where missing socks and toys embark on grand adventures. Cowrie & Conch have some very cute options.

Building shelves and a desk into your wardrobe joinery is a great way of saving space. Adding toys, books and kids art will personalise a very functional unit and make it pop. Our Muuto stacked storage system has evolved over the years. Arrange these shelves into any configuration just like building blocks. My favourite thing: The ability to personalise with colour, doors and open/closed compartments.

The Swedish god of storage, Ikea, has created the ultimate kids desk with a hidden tray for stationary, and the best part? They’re available in the cutest colours. 

Remember, the key to all this is involving your child in the process. It’s their room, after all, and giving them a say in the colours, patterns and prints makes it even more special. Plus, watching their faces light up as they see their rainbow wonderland come to life? Priceless!