Night-Time Essentials

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What is it?

The before-bed dream team! Night-Time Essentials is loaded with everything your skin needs before you snoz off every night.

Fancy Face whisks away every bit of makeup, primer, sunscreen, oil, and grime. Prep Step maximises the penetration and performance of the rest of your skincare. Much Plumper Skin restores moisture levels and gives skin an instant boost of hydration. Face Hero nourishes, balances, and revitalises your skin. And whichever moisturiser you choose (Very Useful Face Cream or Very Lightweight Moisturiser!) will seal everything in and leave the skin soft, soothed, and ready for sleep.

We’ve also tossed in a free zippy cosmetics bag raises cute levels by approximately 200%. (Important.)


Very Useful Face Cream OR
Lightweight Moisturiser
Clear Zippy Bag

For soft, smooth, ready-to-snooze skin.

How Do I Use This Set?

Apply your products from thickest to thinnest.

By thinnest to thickest we mean this: Start with Fancy Face and then Much Plumper Skin. What you follow on with next will depend on which moisturiser you select. If you opt for Very Lightweight Moisturiser it should go on directly after Much Plumper Skin and then you can finish with Face Hero. If you opt for Very Useful Face Cream, you can apply Face Hero first and then finish with Very Useful Face Cream.

Try misting in between cleansing and serums, and before oils and moisturiser for good spread and big glow.

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