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Misbehaving Skin

Calm And Clear

Do you offer a 30-day-money-back-guarantee? You bet! 

What is it?

Skin being a bit... bitchy during isolation? These three products will keep it calm, clear, and protected from the ceaseless hours indoors, less sunlight, disrupted sleep, stress, and the enormous commute from your bed to the living room. 

Featuring Properly Clean (to thoroughly clean the face), Exfoliating Swipeys (to remove dead skin cells; the cause of dullness and congestion), Face Hero (to deeply nourish and balance) and a free gingham bag (to hide them all from thieving housemates). It’s the ultimate quartet to fight off isolation-induced blergh.


Free Gingham Bag

When your skin’s giving you attitude, give it Go-To.

How Do I Use This Set?

  1. Cleanse face AM and PM with Properly Clean. 
  2. Rinse. 
  3. Swipe Exfoliating Swipeys* 2-3 nights a week. 
  4. Apply 3-5 drops of Face Hero to face, neck and chest. 


*When using an AHA like Exfoliating Swipeys sun protection is even more crucial. Wear it! Everyday! Thanks!

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