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Face Hero Extra

Limited Edition Face Oil
50 ML / 1.7 FL OZ

Do you offer a 30-day-money-back-guarantee? You bet! 

What is it?

Our best-selling, award-winning face oil, Face Hero, but bigger and golder and gloriously festive.

Like its peachy little sister, Face Hero Extra deeply hydrates, soothes, revitalizes and completely protects the face against bad guys trying to make it unhappy.

Boasting 10 potent, purposefully selected plant and nut oils, this calming, restorative super oil is loaded with essential fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and suitable for all ages and skin types (even the sensitive!)

Housed in a luxe gold bottle, Face Hero Extra is extremely limited edition and an extremely thoughtful festive treat for your Most Favourite People*.

*Including you.

How Do I Use It?

Massage five or so drops of Face Hero over the face, neck, and décolletage, after cleansing, and before face cream. Also great mixed in to your face cream as a snazzy booster, or your foundation for serious glow.

What's in it?

Almond oil, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, brazil nut oil, apricot kernel oil, evening primrose oil, buriti oil, arnica oil, rosehip oil, calendula oil, kiwi fruit seed oil, vitamin e, totarol, rosemary leaf extract, natural fragrance (orange blossom & rose gardenia).

No silicones, parabens, PEGs, sulfates (SLS/SLES), GMOs, mineral oils, petrolatum, synthetic colours, or animal testing. For a full/dull explanation of each ingredient, visit gotoskincare.com/pages/worry-free

Introducing Face Hero’s shinier, more fabulous big sister.

Where Does It Fit In My Routine?

In the AM

Face Hero goes on after your cleansers, toners, treatment products/serums and before your SPF and makeup. (Bonus: Mix a few drops of Face Hero in with your foundation for a glorious, glowy base.) 

In the PM

Face Hero goes on after your cleansers, exfoliants, toners, treatment products, and serums. Follow with a hydrating night cream such as Go-To Very Useful Face Cream and a 20 minute Instagram scroll.

Hero Ingredients

Buriti Oil

A hydrating and moisturising oil extracted from the fruit of the moriche palm. Has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness, roughness, and irritation.

Jojoba Oil

The fattiest chain of jojoba oil, jojoba butter has fatty acids similar to those found in the collagen of the skin, making it ideal for helping the elasticity and vitality of the skin.

Rosehip Oil

Contains high levels of fatty acids and vitamin c which help to hydrate dry skin and aids in the prevention of wrinkles and premature aging.

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