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Hello! We're Go-To but you probably already know that. You're actually probably here because you're a spectacular blogger/influencer/movie star and want to learn about our affiliate program. Smart!

Basically, if you love us (likely), you've got an audience that are into Go-To (probable) and you're interested in a side hustle (who isn't), you can write or post about us and earn a commission when your followers buy something from us.

We offer a 10% base rate commission on all sales from our USA website which you make through affiliate links and banners. You'll have access to real time reporting and sales tracking through Rakuten, along with encouragement to eat as much cheese as you want through Go-To.

10% baseline commission on the sale value

Cookie Period
A delicious and 30 day tracking cookie period

Custom Collabs
We're interested in custom marketing collaborations with you

Strong Performers
Exclusive promotions available for strong performing partners

We Don't Ghost
Open communication with our marketing and affiliate teams

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