How Long Should You Cleanse For?

Megan Kelly
Less than 3 minutes / January 21, 2020
How Long Should You Cleanse For?

Most people go about their days without knowing a) they have a bit of parsley in their teeth and b) that they should be cleansing their skin for 30-60 seconds.

Yes! Really! Doesn’t sound like much, but it feels a whole lot longer than you would expect. (Anyone who’s been asked to plank for a minute can confirm this.) So, if it’s not something you’re not focusing on, chances are, you’re not doing it. Yet. This is why you should:

  1. SPF, face oil, moisturiser, serum, primer, foundation. Most of us put a lot of stuff on our faces each morning, and slapping on a cleanser for 10 seconds isn’t going to cut it if you want to remove it all. Which you absolutely do because product build-up leads to clogged pores, dullness, and irritated skin in the short term, and can seriously compromise your moisture barrier in the long term.
  2. Using a cleanser with salicylic acid? Or maybe one with camellia oil? You want to give those ingredients a little time to actually penetrate, and you know, work. Take at least 30 seconds! Get the most of those ingredients.
  3. A facial massage while you’re applying your cleanser stimulates circulation which can boost facial glow, as well as helping your skin to produce collagen and elastin. Two very important things for bouncy, plump, skin.
  4. Fancy skin care doesn’t work if you don’t properly cleanse first. The ingredients in your treatment products, serums/face oils, and moisturisers aren’t able to absorb properly if you aren’t applying them on clean skin.
  5. Skin care is a daily act of self-love. It really is! So for the love of lactic acid, don’t rush through it. Enjoy your little evening ritual! You’re going to do it anyway. May as well have some fun with it.

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