Get To Know Ceramides: A Master Moisturiser For Dry Skin

Get To Know Ceramides: A Master Moisturiser For Dry Skin

Hi! Hello! And welcome back to another round of skin ingredients you should absolutely know. This time, we’re chatting all things ceramides. What they are (a powerhouse skin care ingredient!), what they’ll do for your skin (a whole lot!), what their favourite gelato flavour is (white chocolate and macadamia!). Let’s dive right in.

What are ceramides?

Ceramides, in our (correct) opinion, are a multi-tasking skin care must-have.

Ceramides are fatty acids that are essential for keeping your skin cells together, which allows them to function properly. They’re naturally present within the skin, although, as we age, their production slows down. Lack of ceramides within the skin makes it more likely to be impacted by dryness, irritation, inflammation, as well as free radical and environmental damage. The good news is that ceramide-loaded skin care is just as good for your skin as the kind you naturally produce, so incorporating it in your routine will put a stop to all of that.

There are a heap of different kinds of ceramides that you might spot on INCI lists. Some of the most common being Ceramide NP, Ceramide NS, and Ceramide EOP.

How do ceramides benefit the skin?

They plump and hydrate!
Fine lines? Rough texture? Dehydrated skin? These common skin concerns are no match for ceramides. They’re able to provide a serious boost of moisture for even the thirstiest of skin, which will help leave your face hydrated and plump, year-round.

They restore!
The ceramides found in skin care will do the exact same job as the ones your skin naturally produces. This is extremely helpful from your 30s onwards as your skin starts slacking off on the ol’ ceramide production, as you can add in a ceramide-rich moisturiser or mask and feel confident your barrier is replenished and restored.

They protect!
Ceramides work to reinforce the skin’s barrier. A strong skin barrier is essential for keeping your face protected from pollution, grime, and other environmental irritants, so you can basically just think of ceramides as your skin's very own overprotective best friend.

What skin types will benefit from ceramides

All of them! Ceramides are a bit of a unicorn skin ingredient in the sense that no matter your age, stage, or skin type, you can feel comfortable incorporating them in your routine.

Dry and ageing skin in particular will appreciate the extra moisture and nourishment they provide as these skin types tend to be lower on ceramides in the first place. Sensitised skin types will also benefit big-time as ceramides help restore the skin barriers they’ve impaired with one too many actives.

Are there any skin care ingredients you should avoid using with ceramides?

Nope! Ceramides don't just play well with all skin types. They also play well with all other skin ingredients so feel free to slot them into your AM and PM routine as you see fit.

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