A Skin Care Enthusiast's Favourite Go-To Products

We’ve known for a long time that we have the Best Customers In The Galaxy. Their support, passion, and exceptional taste in hats gave us no choice but to create a loyalty program, Go-To Gang. In honour of its launch, we want you to get to know some of the clever, witty, delightful Go-To community too. Meet Megan!

An (adorable!) Go-To customer. Text reads: Get to know the Go-To Gang.

I preach the magic of Go-To to anyone who will listen to the point where I collect up all the samples I get sent and give them out to my friends and family to try whenever I get the chance. I’ve even handed over a full set of minis over to my sister just because she said she was thinking about trying looking for a new skin care brand to try. I buy the products as gifts too and even sent some all the way to Portugal to a friend overseas. I’m a self-confessed skin care enthusiast (my partner says I’m a skin care addict) and Go-To really ignited that passion for me since first ordering. 

I placed my first Go-To order in October 2018. I went out on a very confident limb and purchased The Lot. I’ve always been a big fan of Hamish and Andy and that immediately converted into stan status of our peachy queen Zoë! So I would think that’s where I found Go-To.

I use Properly CleanExfoliating SwipeysVery Useful Face CreamFace HeroThe RemovalistZincredibleTransformazingboth lip products, Super Handy and Skin Party. Honourable mention to my partner who (under my strict instruction) now also uses Bro-To Properly CleanFace Hero and Very Useful Face CreamFace Hero is my (and everyone’s) favourite for good reason. I used to be a face oil hater (embarrassing) but turns out I just never tried the right one. Exfoliating Swipeys come in at a close second too!

I have never had any major acne concerns or anything like that but my skin always felt pretty below average. I had texture, clogged pores, dryness, and excessive oil all on one face. Since using Go-To my skin feels healthy, hydrated, and a lot more balanced! I used to wear a lot of makeup, especially full coverage foundation, but now I feel confident to not wear any makeup at all. Approaching my thirties this year and I get so many compliments on my skin and I owe that to Go-To. 

Honestly, I just love the general banter and fun conversations [in Go-To’s Facebook Group], whether it’s skin care related or not. It’s a really positive space and a lot of the time most conversations aren’t even about skin care at all. It seems to be a group where everyone just feels comfortable sharing anything about their lives. 

My favourite little Go-To gift is the Holy Shit You Look Amazing mirror decal. It’s totally underrated. It’s stuck on my mirror and I get a cute little reminder every morning. It’s moved house with me twice and I love it.”

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