Carbon Neutral

Go-To has been certified by the Carbon Reduction Institute as a NoCO2 business. This means we are carbon neutral and ready to brag about it.

Go-To is proudly cruelty-free and acutely aware of the implications of using palm oil from Southeast Asia, so becoming carbon neutral was a natural evolution for us.

As part of the certification process, we undertook a full carbon audit of all our operations. And now we offset 100% of our emissions. That’s great and you guys smell terrific but what does this mean?

NoC02 Certification

NoCO2 is the highest level of certification offered by the Carbon Reduction Institute. And it means that we (and any other company with this certification) has completely removed its climate change impacts. In short: It’s reeeeaal good.

Offsetting Our Emissions

We offset our carbon emissions (things like products, packaging, electricity, staff travel on the company G4, etc) by purchasing carbon credits from a range of projects.

The carbon credit projects have been verified against either the Voluntary Carbon Standard or Gold Standard, which are two of the world's leading third-party verification benchmarks, and correspond to real, permanent, verified, and additional reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Go-To is officially carbon neutral. And we’ve got a fancy certificate to prove it.

Our Projects

We have purchased carbon credits from diverse projects, including wind and solar projects in China, energy efficiency projects in Uganda, and forest preservation projects in Indonesia.

Wind and solar projects in China help reduce China’s carbon footprint and achieve their emissions reductions targets, improve public health and creative economic opportunities in renewable energy.

The Indonesian forest preservation project aims to reduce Indonesian emissions, and protect the endangered Borneo Orangutan and other endangered RED species.

The Uganda cookstoves project replaces traditional cook stoves with fuel-efficient stoves in households and restaurants. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves the livelihoods in poor communities.

Climate change is a fact. And we’re proud to be doing our own little bit.

For more information about carbon reduction, check out the Carbon Reduction Institute Website.